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Ormeau Dental is a well-established dental practice that services Ormeau and the surrounding suburbs such as Woongoolba. We are well-known for our general dentistry, emergency dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and children’s dentistry, making it easier and more affordable due to our affiliations with a variety of health funds.

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Our smiles are important, it shows people that we are happy, but if we are not happy with our teeth it can be hard to put them on display, even for something as simple as a smile. Ormeau Dental’s dentists have been giving the residents of Woongoolba something to smile about for over a decade. Our general dentistry can assist with tooth coloured restorations, crowns, bridges, root canals, extractions, including wisdom teeth, and the treatment of gum disease. We provide a comprehensive dental care plan and ensure every patient is comfortable with their treatment and happy with the results.

Residents of Woongoolba looking for a dentist for their children’s dentistry cannot look past Ormeau Dental, with over a decade of customer care we have become a trusted dental clinic in the local area. Our philosophy is that good dental care habits should start sooner rather than later. We teach children to take care of their oral hygiene and that prevention is definitely better than cure. To lighten the load on families our children’s dentistry is bulk billed up until the age of 18, ensuring you get the best children’s dentistry with no gap payments or hidden fees.

Unfortunately, your dental needs don’t always fall within normal office hours and a dental emergency can take you or your loved ones by surprise. If you are in Woongoolba and need a dentist immediately, call Ormeau Dental for relief from your pain and discomfort.

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Ormeau Dental dentist’s service the surrounding areas such as Woongoolba and we not only have treatments and techniques to restore your smile but your confidence too. With our range of veneers, tooth replacement bridges, implants and dentures, our cosmetic dentistry will help correct the issues that have caused embarrassment, loss of confidence and leave you with a million-dollar smile at an affordable price.

Once you get your permanent teeth you need to take care of them, so don’t risk a teeth whitening by a non-dental professional. Not only do we check to make sure your teeth are ready to be whitened, we are qualified to complete the process ensuring you get only the very best care for your teeth. So if you need a dentist in Woongoolba that can whiten your teeth and monitor the process to ensure a safe and beautiful outcome, trust Ormeau Dental to provide you a winning smile.

We have a team of gentle and caring dentists. If you are in Woongoolba and need to see a dentist, we can assist you. Ormeau Dental is a selected member of choice for a variety of health funds, so our comprehensive list of services is affordable.

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