Emergency Dentistry

Do you have a dental emergency which can’t wait? What do you do when your oral emergency occurs outside of office hours? At Ormeau Dental, we understand that dental emergencies do not follow a schedule. They can occur at any time and often need immediate treatment.

Rest assured that Ormeau Dental is well equipped to treat your chipped or broken tooth, abscess, lost filling, or any other dental crisis. When you need urgent oral care, have it managed swiftly and economically by our emergency dentists.

Tooth ache
Tooth ache can be caused by many different things from decay, injury, gum disease or infection. Unfortunately dental emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere and often need immediate treatment. Upon arrival, we will indentify the problem occurring and recommend treatment to help get you out of pain.

Tooth knocked out?
If you’ve had an accident where the tooth has been knocked out, seek urgent treatment (within the hour) from our emergency dentist. To give your tooth the best chance of survival, handle it by its crown rather than its roots and carefully place the tooth back in its socket after cleaning it in milk or water. If this isn’t possible place the tooth in a cup of milk and come straight your appointment with us.

Dental abscess
An abscess is a collection of pus that forms at the root of the tooth it then continues into the tissues which can cause jaw, throat and facial swelling as well as severe pain. This requires urgent attention and if left untreated the infection can spread significantly. At the onset of pain, it is recommended to consult with our dentist straight away to treat the pain and advise future treatment.

Broken or chipped Tooth
Like all dental emergencies, broken or chipped teeth must be treated as soon as possible. Swift treatment by our dentists can prevent further complications, such as bacterial infection or a permanently weakened tooth structure.

Wisdom tooth pain
Wisdom teeth normally erupt between the ages of 18-24 years. If they become an issue, symptoms usually include: jaw pain, swelling, limitation of jaw movement, bad breath or taste in mouth and in some cases persistent fever. In most circumstances wisdom teeth can be removed at our surgery, with few cases having to be referred to a surgeon.

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