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Many people don’t realise the importance of professional cleans. Sometimes there is a misconception that brushing at home is all that’s needed to maintain dental health.
Although good oral hygiene at home is very important, hard tartar (also known as dental calculus) cannot be removed without a professional clean.
Dental calculus can get trapped in the pocket between the gums and the teeth. Untreated calculus build up will cause gum inflammation (gingivitis) in the short term and will cause receding gum disease (periodontitis) in the long term. The calculus is removed with a professional sonic scaler and usually causes minimal discomfort.
Professional cleans will also get rid of those hard to remove tea, coffee and red wine stains!

Our Dental Hygienists will examine and assess your mouth, then discuss and advise with you if you are at risk or if you are showing signs of gum disease.
The hygienist will show you the most effective way of keeping your mouth clean and healthy with all the latest products available.
A tailor made treatment plan will be made for you to suit your needs, this can be anything from a simple clean and polish to more advanced periodontal therapy.
Once your treatment is complete a regular maintenance plan will be advised.
We recommend regular 6 monthly examinations and clean for optimal dental health. This will ensure early detection and efficient treatment of oral conditions such as decay, infection, plaque and periodontal disease. We schedule appointments for our patients for 6 months in advance, for preventative maintenance and care, to ensure that our patients have their teeth comprehensively cared for twice yearly, and so that they can reserve the time that is best suited to them. We follow up with a phone call 2 weeks prior as well as a courtesy reminder 24 hours before.


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